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    Memory Lane - 26 bus from Romford to Canvey Island

    To help return the loop to its intended purpose, I thought I would post our adventure on a 26 bus. Hopefully this will prompt some stories from other members.
    When we got married, we moved to Canvey Island in Essex, because it was the only place that we could afford to buy a property. We did not have a car, so used public transport to visit our family. I can't remember if we did it more than once, but on one occasion we got the 26 bus (Eastern National Omnibus Company Limited) whose route was Romford - Laindon - Basildon - South Benfleet - Canvey Island. On our trip back to Canvey, the conductor told us that he was going to bypass Basildon. He told us to hide down below the window, and that he was turning all the lights off! This was in the late 60s I've attached a photo of the buses from that time.


Neighbourhood loop for Romford, Greater London