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    Imperial Measurements 🤮

    So, Bojo is taking the retrograde step of reverting back to imperial measurements. What next I wonder? Stone tablets for children in the classroom? The majority of the planet uses the metric system of measurements. He talks of trade deals with countries that use the metric system. Imagine the paperwork confusion at custom borders converting metric tonnes to imperial tons and vice versa. Utter madness. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any plans to revert to pounds, shillings and pence. Furthermore, the younger generation, the future of this country, who have been brought up and taught the metric system will have been failed if this stupidity goes ahead.
    • @Sy...

      How many stones are there in a hundred-weight of potatoes?

      I once asked that question in the..

    • I think the USA is still using Imperial measurements.....something to do with a trade deal perhaps? ..

    • Beer still seems to be 'a pint of lager' (I think) - and wood a piece of 4 by 4, fence panels 6ft. x..

    • @Ch... there is a difference between US and UK measures, although they still use our old distance m..

    • I have never got to grips with metric measurements, still get the tape measure out to see what they ..

    • @Bo... about 2.5cms per inch.

      About 30cms to the foot.

      About 90cms to the yard.

      I think a metre ..

    • @De... I think it used to be in US gallons (Not the same as UK Gallons)

    • @De... i need to get it exact when ordering jeans, I know it's 70 something,

    • @Sy... Retrograde? What's wrong with reclaiming part of our identity? In practice, both measurements ..

    • @Bo...

      Just put your number of inches into your browser and ask for it to convert to cms. That will..

    • @Cl...

      When I first looked it gave prices in liters (their spelling), but there are others a lot m..

    • Calm down Guys-it never went away! Our identity is safe!!

      A pint of beer (or milk if you have it de..

    • I think you'll find that imperial units are mostly used colloquially. It is much quicker to say inch..

    • Tradesmen would have to re-learn imperial !! No more 50 mil nails. What are 2x4s in metric then?-not..

    • @Pe... - did the one prior not work then ..... she asks.

    • @Te... I need that 'agree' emoji again

    • What's wrong with having both? Something for everyone.

    • @Bo... I'm the same feet and inches. When I'm weighed in the doctors I always ask what it is in ston..

    • As I'm so "old school" I still can't get my head around the metric system, still say miles, yards, F..

    • @Ma... Yes so do I but when I get home and check they have often told me wrong.

      Strangely I am alwa..

    • @De... still confused but then never was any good at maths. When I get weighed and height taken at ..

    • Never weigh yourself with shoes on, can lose a "pound" without. Best time to get proper weight if st..

    • @Sa...08 It`s breastfed when I say it. I think babies are weighed in both nowadays but it really ne..

    • @Sa...08 oh my goodness, does that mean that I have to get Sainsbury's mini-chests in future?

    • Didnt mean to give myself an emoji. Never know how to take them off after error.

    • @Sa...08 you deserve it. I know what you mean, though, I applauded someone and it was the last thin..

    • @Se... -- evidently it did, and the older generations will have been familiar with the quirks and i..

    • @Pe... 1,760

    • This post is misleading. Imperial measurements will not replace the metric system but to be an addit..

    • @Sy... Us oldies managed to learn Metrication and Decimalisation without to much trouble. Can't the l..

    • @Cl...

      That depends on whether it's a standard mile or a nautical mile.

    • @To... 1,760 x 1.1

    • @To... Not forgetting the Bakers Dozen.

    • This is in part, to lift the BAN that the EU imposed on us now we have left them. 👍

    • It’s obvious that most people on here that are up for reverting to imperial measurements, are of, sh..

    • @So... The sheer cost of changing all the labeling alone will be horrendous.The money would be fa..

    • @Un... it's not going to be mandatory it's just whichever trader might want to use it without ..

    • @Sy... One of the rules of this Group is respect !

    • As a member of the older generation I find your comment somewhat disrespectful !!!

    • I grew up with both systems and am happy to use either whatever takes my fancy at the time !!!

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