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  • I’m Confused

    I’m relatively new to Scooploop. I applied to join a private group in which I was successful. (All Aboard group). I now find that I can’t gain access to this group. I’ve had no notification or anything why I haven’t got access to the group any more. I only posted a couple of comments stating I was new and thank you for allowing me to join the group. Why has Scooploop denied my access to the group? It’s not the end of the world at the end of the day but is this normal behaviour?

    • Happens to us all. I have no access to another private group since it has had a name change. Why wor..

    • @Ca... You're not the first. They are paranoid about new members joining their little group "al..

    • @Ca... I don't know why you have no access to that group. Try asking the group moderator. AFAIK..

    • @To... Thank you for that. I thought it was Scooploop that removed my membership. Thank you too to V..

    • @Ca... I can recommend the group "Anything" good friendly people and a fair administrator/moder..

    • @Mr... I’m in the group Anything.

    • @Ca... Great! Welcome, I guess I'll see you there.

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Scooploop Tech Support

Scooploop tech support for bugs or feature requests.

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