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  • Antoinette @Antoinette2 Hythe updated 1 year ago

    Hythe Firing Ranges And Fisherman's Beach

    Hythe Ranges is one of the oldest ranges in the country and has been used for live firing for nearly 200 years.
    I went there for a walk this morning, but as they were practice shooting I couldn't go beyond the safety point, in fact I overstepped slightly beyond and was shouted at over a loudspeaker by the watchman behind the glass windows!

    It was difficult not to include the ugly developments, spoiling the skyline, and which sprang up a couple of years ago, and the subject of a lot of opposition, but they passed through planning.
    They are also so close to the sea, and sea levels are rising.......
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      1 year ago
    • Those carbuncles are very expensive, there is one on the market at the moment for near 1.5M, 4 bedro..

    • Fascinating. You're setting us a very high standard to try and match, Antoinette!

    • By the way Brian, did you mean pheasant shooting, because I've not seen any peasants being put up fo..

    • Peasants! 😂🤣😂

      Didn't spot that - must be slipping!

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      1 year ago
    • ..... the peasants who allowed the building of those developments that have completely ruined the ch..

    • @An... but seriously, isn't that a military shooting range?

    • @Ci... yes it is.

    • Shooting has stopped now. You can hear it quite a way from it depending on which way the wind is blo..

    • https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/south-east-training-estate-firing-times/hythe-range-firin..

    • @An... btw do you know how old those mortello towers are? Are they used for anything?

    • I have just found you the perfect link Citizen! That will tell you better than I can!

      Towers 14 & ..

    • Fascinating website. Remember seeing many towers when I holidayed in the area (many moons ago), but ..

    • Pleased to see that some of you enjoyed this. When I posted I didn’t think it would be of much inter..

    • Updating this thread because I did get to do that walk eventually and took a few pictures which I pu..

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      1 year ago
    • Brian, you liked the fisherman's beach, and it is looking very colourful at the moment, with lots of..

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      1 year ago
    • Yes, very yellow! glad you like my clouds! good old little camera..... !

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