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  • James G @JG1 South Norwood updated 2 years ago

    How can I get better sleep?

    Do you suffer from insomnia and/or often feel tired during the day? For me, I ensure my bedroom is tidy, nice and dark, tech-free and at a cool temperature. I also stop using phone and TV screens at least an hour before bed to prep my brain for sleep. What are your tips for getting good sleep?
    • No caffeine at all during day, not even a single cup of tea. Sounds extreme but it helps me. Watchin..

    • Super useful, thanks Lesley. Fresh air is a good one and is a challenge because our bedroom faces th..

    • Have heard passiflora tea is good but not tried it yet. Some people find valerian helpful but it kee..

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      2 years ago
    • I had to Google gong baths! Sounds super interesting, thanks Catherine I may take a look

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      2 years ago
    • I’ve been to one Gong bath in Enfield-was very relaxing.

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