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  • Dave @SwanleyWanderer Swanley updated 2 years ago

    Hi de hi

    A travel group sharing information is great, We get to different places mainly in our campervan, love new destinations but this year been to York for a week in winter, 2 weeks in Cornwall then made our way back along the south coast stopping a couple of nights in different town's, just come back from a 4 day music festival, The Twinwood Festival in Bedfordshire, got another festival in 2 weeks time in Dorset then of to Cyprus in October. Last year spent a couple of months touring through France and Spain and hopefully in the new year want to get back through France and back to Spain and Portugal for an extended holiday.
    • Sounds great, in 2010 we bought a left hand drive car, we travelled around Spain, then through Franc..

    • They both sound like real adventures. Unfortunately work is still getting in the way of any extended..

    • Apart from the rotten long drive St Ives in Cornwall is my favorite UK holiday destination.

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A discussion group for people who are interested in travelling. On holiday or just visiting other parts of the country. Recommendations for places to go, sightseeing, restaurants etc

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