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  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford updated 2 years ago

    Help, chest freezer defrosted. Chest Freezer Technician

    My Whirlpool chest freezer in my garage has defrosted. I managed to save the food. It was stuffed with hundreds of pounds of M and S food. My Daughter managed to take four bags full and I had a freezer in my log cabin that had not been used for over a year. The freezer whirrs into life when switched on but then stops after 1 second.
    Does anyone know a freezer Technician?
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      2 years ago
    • Thank goodness your daughter had space for some of it. Dont know what I'd do if one of mine broke as..

    • I only have the one and nobody local I could get to take the food, I have read that if the freezer i..

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      2 years ago
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      2 years ago
    • Thanks Dave, I was thinking that. I did become a 'food hoarder', buying sell by dates in M and S. On..

    • About an hour ago there was a couple of either fridges or freezers (or one of each) outside a house ..

    • your household insurance should cover freezer food loss ?

    • Yes mine does - £500

    • Angela if this is fresh food that you bought and froze it’s almost certainly only good for 1 month ...

    • Sorry Florence, I must be immune, I have eaten food that I have frozen, a year later. I never get up..

    • Angela , you’ve been lucky 👍

      We keep a list of what is in both freezers which we update as we use an..

    • Florence if the food is in the freezer the 1 month date is like the purely arbitrary "best before" d..

    • Like Angela i have food in the freezer for much longer than a month and still eat it, have no idea w..

    • David and Boots I understand stand what you’re saying but in my case when you’re married to a man wh..

    • I am a bit ocd myself - i have lists of almost everything but strangely not that, maybe a new thing ..

    • 😂, I get told off if he goes to the freezer and something he expected to be there isn’t , I’m not pe..

    • Florence, you are right to be very careful if C has stomach problems, but as I have said, I don't. I..

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