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  • Sylvia @Sylv Romford updated 1 month ago


    Since joining Scooploop yesterday, I’ve joined a few groups but I notice that there are some that are classed as limited. Can anyone advise what that means please?
    Thank you.
    • @Sy... Hello. It means you have to be accepted by the moderator.

    • It means that you ask to join and the moderator of the group has to approve and accept you.

    • @Sy... It means that you have to apply to join and the moderator will either accept you or reject you..

    • It means they are a private group and you need to be approved by the moderator to join them.

    • There's a lot of slow computers around!

    • Thank you all for the explanation.

    • Am I wrong in saying that application to join ALL groups, Open or otherwise need moderator approval ..

    • @Ry... I’m confused. I was accepted in the groups I joined without any moderator input.

    • @Sy...

      Your application shows up on the moderators Pending, all he does is click yes and you are in...

    • @Ry... Ah. I see. Thank you.

    • @Sy... In an open group, a moderator has the choice to allow automatic membership.

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    • I’ve just received a message from a joint moderator stating that I can’t join their group as they ar..

    • @Sy... What group was that ?

    • @Sy...

      That's the way the cookie crumbles on here Sylvie - just give that particular group the big e..

    • @Bo... It’s two groups now. The second one has just cast aspersions on my authenticity.

    • @Sy... it's those sort of things that put people off and they don't comment or leave altogether.

    • @Ry... I get a banner show itself now and again showing groups I may be interested in. All I did was..

    • @Sy...

      Sylvia - there is a mass paranoia about aliases on here - give all private and limited groups..

    • @Bo... The groups were fun for all and MSL

    • @Sy... thanks for the info.

    • @Sy...

      I got a big NO from MSL and it never affected my sleep.

    • @Ry... - Blanket moderator approval on open loops was a temporary thing, I think, while SL were enha..

    • @Sy... - Sorry, I didn't have time to reply when you asked the question, but I see that no-one has an..

    • I applied to join tech heads and found myself immediately blocked by the moderators!! Try and explai..

    • @ar... Welcome to the club of being automatically rejected for no reason what so ever. Exactly t..

    • @Sy... What you were told is total utter rubbish. You were rejected so the mod can keep an eye on you..

    • @Un... very strange way to run a social site. No wonder hardly anyone posts. This is most disc..

    • @ar... I had all this when I first joined and some members are still suspicious of me even after..

    • How about starting your own group and only letting in those that YOU want ? sounds like a plan.

    • @ar... but having said that, in fairness, some troublemakers have been evicted from SL but occas..

    • @Bo... I don't get why I should be blocked. If that's how they want to play it, I can't see that it'..

    • @ar... - as you are new to the site, you will not know of the trolls who have occasionally appea..

    • @ar... but there are other groups that aren't like that, don't be put off the whole site.

    • @Pe... that's fine, and I see your point, but I'm no troll. Why not wait until a member causes trou..

    • @Bo... thank you Boots. But it seems that there are other issues from what I've read today in other ..

    • @Pe... what a load of rubbish it doesn't mean members with a jovial username is a troll. They are h..

    • @Sy... and @ar... -- there are lots of loops here, so you should be able to find plenty that will..

    • @Pe... How long are you lot going to milk that one for. The fact is you should give any new person ..

    • @Pe... thank you Peter, but I don't see that I need to prove myself and have to join other groups f..

    • @So... on a local community site, you may well want to use something akin to your real name, espe..

    • @ar... - agreed. I don't dispute that's what should happen. I think you would find that the loop..

    • @Pe... this isn't Facebook completely different. On Facebook you need to use your name so family me..

    • @ar... - I'm not condoning the actions of any particular moderator in pre-judging you. I'm tryin..

    • @So... this is why I mentioned on an other thread a few days ago, that it would be better if addr..

    • @So... - why should this be any different?

    • @Sy... you know what? I think Uncle Albert must have been turfed out of one of those loops, or refuse..

    • With my moniker/alias I probably wouldn't have been accepted into some of the groups but was always ..

    • @ar... address verification has been discussed before, with no outcome.

    • @Pe... because I don't want you stalking me. 🤣

    • @So... well then, bit futile complaining about returning trouble makers

    • @So... Perish the thought at that possibility😉

    • Address verification is required by Next Door, which is personal intrusion that many users are uncom..

    • @Pe... I'm a member of Nextdoor, if you go on there you will see my real name and address😉😄

    • @So... so am I but how would I find you on there or on FB ?

    • By the way, re being blocked, there seems to be a glitch because I've been able to read Robroy comme..

    • @Pe... "Skewed Opinions" So now it's everyone elses fault that this person gets instantly rejected ..

    • @Un... I don't see much that makes sense to any newcomer. Very hostile approach. How's anyone ..

    • @Un... - The moderators are responsible for their actions. Other users have been posting their..

    • @ar... I can read comments on there but cannot access the list of members but it seems I can pos..

    • @ar... - blocking rules are different for moderators within their loops. If you think something ..

    • @ar... I'm very impressed with you. You have taken to this site like a duck to water. 👍

    • @Pe... thank you for trying to explain, but I can't see what's positive in putting people off. It's..

    • @So... I've only tried to reply to the comments! I've used social media before!!

    • @ar... I have now seen that i can reply to comments, how daft is that.

    • Peter, you're far removed from being a fool. You know as well as I do what I said is right. But you ..

    • @Bo... Good grief. Sounds like that group is run by my missus😀

    • @Bo... I'm not on FB. and Nextdoor has such a small area radius that Dagenham would not be in my cat..

    • @Bo... It wouldn't surprise me many of us has spoken to each other before in different forums and do..

    • @ar...

      With a damned stupid handle like Jerusalem @ar... I am not surprised that some loops..

    • I’ve got the feeling I shouldn’t have started this topic at all.

    • @Bo... You know why your barred from the Tech Heads Loopy Loop don't ya? You know more than they do😉..

    • @ar... It's the same for me. I can also see a part of what someone has said when blocked. Appare..

    • Morning all. Has anyone seen Brian recently?

    • @Mr... hiding in plain sight is the saying I believe

    • @Mr... I bumped into him a few weeks ago coming out "The Conservatoire of Music" in Blackheat..

    • @Un... Maybe it is. Do you know what she's up to all the time.😂

    • I’ve had a message instructing me that I can shut down a thread so that’s what I’m going to do.

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