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  • Found a lump on my dogs knee

    John F @JohnF23 Rainham updated 1 month ago

    Few days ago I noticed a small lump on the outside of my dogs knee. It didn't appear to cause any distress when I touched it, but I arranged a vet visit anyway.
    The vet said it could be a tumour or it just a harmless growth. She cut off the external growth for biopsy. She said if it does turn out to be a tumour there are two options.
    1. A kind of syringe treatment to clean it out, but that does have a danger of spreading the tumour.
    2. An operation under general anaesthetic to cut out the infected area.
    She gave me an extimate for the operation - £600
    Already paid £40 for the consultation.
    Anyway, Vet called a few hours later to say it is a tumour and really needs to come out.
    I've got my mum to call the PDSA to see if they can do it for a lower cost.

    • @Jo... PDSA may well help although may be a longer wait? I spent a fortune on vet bills when I ha..

    • Would your mum have to own the dog?

    • Yes same here when my dog was elderly there was no point in continuing with insurance I spent thousa..

    • @Jo... - sorry to hear that, very upsetting for you on both counts. Vets are so expensive now and ..

    • PDSA used to be for everyone in the 60s, you were just asked for a donation. Then they changed to to..

    • @Sa...08 No I'm not insured. Something I need to sort out for the future. @Ja... yes she did have ..

    • Sounds a bit hopeful. Have you tried Blue Cross?

    • No I haven't. Am going to see what PDSA say first. Have just looked at Blue Cross website and the ne..

    • Won't the vet give different addresses for you and your mum? Is the Blue Cross run on the same lines..

    • The vets is in my mums town so at that vets the dog is registered to her address. I've got the dog r..

    • Thanks for keeping us informed, good that it's booked in at least. Very best to you all.

    • Yes you need to know what stage it's at for any further treatment, let's hope it's good news, hope t..

    • Glad your dog's getting treated. Yes you do need a biopsy. Anything taken off needs to be biopsied. ..

    • @Ja... thanks Will do that TOO

    • The operation went well and the lump was removed. Hopefully it will turn out to be benign. She is ba..

    • Good to hear, keep us posted.

    • Really pleased to hear your dog is well on the road to recovery, poor little thing @Jo... I am a l..

    • @Jo... I'm wondering if the PDSA hadn't helped you whether you would have gone ahead with your vet..

    • The latest news is that the dog has had her plastic cone collar off yesterday and she is back to nor..

    • Definition of 'Playing the System' - "To use the rules of a system to get an advantage for yourself,..

    • @Ja... Yes I would. I wouldn't've left her with a lumpp.

    • @Jo... That's good. Just hope some needy person's pet wasn't turned away.

    • That's good. But then begs the question: if you could afford to pay, why play the system, thereby pe..

    • No it wouldn't have been. There were spare medical rooms at the animal hospital.

    • Yes but it's a question of funds not spaces in the hospital, everyone is very tight on funds current..

    • It's the funds required for the treatment, not an empty room.

    • I wonder how much of this goes on.

    • 'To be eligible for our reduced cost veterinary service, owners must live within the catchment area ..

    • My mum qualified because she gets Housing Benefit. You are correct it is not a free vet service. The..

    • But it isn't your Mum's dog. It is your dog.Therefore, you have broken the rules by' playing the sys..

    • @Bl... true, might be worth giving them a call to tell them that this sort of things goes on and t..

    • @Mi... I was actually thinking the very same thing myself earlier, Catherine.

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