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    Energy companies

    On the news just now. Another two energy companies have gone bust, Green and Avro. I'm with Avro. Anybody else's company gone bust?
    • Just sent my monthly readings off to Bulb, who I think are asking for a Government bail-out.

      All upd..

    • We’re with Avro and this is now the second company that have gone bust that we have been with.

    • The government has announced it will not be bailing out energy companies.

    • @Jo... we sent ours to Avro yesterday.

    • @So... glad now we never jumped to one of those new companies

    • That's unlucky, as you will know from your experience, we will be automatically transferred to anoth..

    • @So...

      Depends on whether Boris's Dad or mates have shares?

    • @So... Last time we were transferred to British Gas, hopefully not again.

    • Mine went bust sometime ago. It was always gonna happen. They de-regulate things and inexperienced c..

    • @An... Why because it was expensive? What I will do as soon as I'm transferred, I will go on a compa..

    • @So... And all going up 12% on 1st October

    • @Bo... I'm going to get my mum's fur coat out of mothballs. 😕

    • @Kr...

      And now we will get monopolies of big energy companies. For different reasons, but ..

    • @Li... Exactly. More companies means more competition and cheaper prices for us.

    • @So...

      So at what point do the big companies become monopolies that contravene monopoly law - or..

    • @Li... You have made some good points there. Although this has all been unprecedented, A perfect sto..

    • My fixed term contract ended on August 31st and I was tempted by the cheapest for me, which was Outf..

    • In some countries, the government bail out companies but in return demand a percentage of shares. Th..

    • We have a free market economy in this Country Europe and the US. One where supply and demand regulat..

    • @Mi... The good thing was at least I had a good few years with Avro paying half of what I would ..

    • @An...

      Sounds a really good idea. Then taxpayers get some pay back. Don't think that happened here ..

    • I called my company EDF today, took a while to get through, and actually centre is based in South Af..

    • @Sa...08 No I think we're all gonna get clobbered whatever company we are with.

    • @So... luckily we had just renegotiated our contract for the next two years.

    • @So... But only until they all collapse because there`s too much competition and too little knowl..

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        26 days ago
    • @Ro... I have never been able to find a fixed rate tariff without exit fees.

    • Some of you on here may want nothing to do with Nigel Farage but he does a very fair 'both sides of ..

    • @Sa...08 Even if I approved of coal I think you`ll find the coal we have is harder to extract makin..

    • What the German Newspaper Zeit says about our energy crisis.


    • @Ro... it wouldn’t have helped me though as we are mid contract with Avro and now they have gone unde..

    • @An... Same here. The way I look at it we had a good long run with a cheap tariff and now we are in ..

    • @So... yes we had credit too , it worked quite smoothly last time but as mentioned they put us on..

    • There's always strings attached with the EU....."As part of the energy market, the UK would have had..

    • @Kr... maybe so but we have to accept this, like our steel, our ship building, and give the..

    • Btw whenever I edit something I've written it doesn't accept it, is this a new thing or surely an er..

    • @So... So why didn`t we?-what`s wrong with having another forum to take your (human rights) abuse..

    • @Kr... Would you like your next door neighbour telling you how to run your household?

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      26 days ago
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      26 days ago
    • @Ro... and @So... ...Half-truths. If we were part of the EU we would have a say in what laws the E..

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      26 days ago
    • Update... just received this email....

      Ofgem have appointed Octopus Energy, Britain’s most awarde..

    • @So... oh I hope we get transferred to Octopus too and not BG again 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    • @An... It went on to say. Ofgem, the energy regulator, has asked Octopus Energy to step in and look ..

    • @So... Just had an email, I am with Octopus, phew!

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      24 days ago
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    • @Ro... We have not joined octopus ofgem has transferred us over to them automatically.

    • @Ro... we have not joined octopus ofgem has transferred us over automatically

    • @Ro... we have not joined octopus ofgem has transferred us over automatically

    • I have friends that moved from my area to Stroud in Gloucestershire over a year ago. The cottage the..

    • We’re not joining we’re automatically being changed to Octopus. We have no say in the matter but can..

    • @An... What I’m saying is my friends aren’t signed up to any provider. They’re highly unlikely to be..

    • I am with Sainsbury's/E.ON energy where I get Nectar points for each monthly payment. No problems so..

    • @Sy... They are in a for a rude awakening as their meters are still merrily clocking up their usage a..

    • @Cl... As I stated previously, they are apparently off the radar completely. Why would they want to..

    • @Sy... Every UK address has a MPRN and a MPAN you can look them up online and they will tell you who ..

    • @Sy... Sorry my answer was to Ron. I am originally from the Stroud area, is there any possibility tha..

    • @An... Tell them to be wary.They could be in for a VERY BIG BILL when that`s discovered. Even a cust..

    • @Kr... I did know a man in Spain who lived in a flat and he didn’t pay anything for his ele..

    • @An... that's the religious for you!! 😁

    • @An... Ok sorry. 😩

      I can’t comment on the previous owner of their cottage as I don’t know.

    • @Cl... I looked that up. I can’t see how any company can check on them when they’re not in any bind..

    • @Sy... The meters are their's as is the gas and electricity flowing through them they either pay for ..

    • @Sy... 😂😂

    • @Sa...08

      Not all of us, fortunately!!!🙂

    • @Cl... Theirs? Who’s theirs?

    • @Ro... I signed up with Octopus from British Gas last week. Have to see how that goes.

    • @Sy... The gas and electric supplier !

    • @Cl... “The gas and electric supplier“ I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your logic. They are in li..

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      22 days ago
    • @Sy... Well obviously someone is supplying it - otherwise they wouldn't have any.

      Probably whichever..

    • @Sy... It will catch up to them sooner or later the meters will be read at some point and be investig..

    • @Bo... Your logic is flawed also I’m afraid. Their gas and electric is being supplied by the gas dis..

    • @So... Who is going to read their meters? Which utility company if they’re not signed up to any o..

    • @Sy... Whoever the previous owners company was listing that address.

    • @Sy... each utility company must have to pay for whatever their customers use.

      Wait and see, someone..

    • @Sy... Eventually the distribution networks will realise that they have not been paid and contact the..

    • @Ro... Thanks for the information, appreciate it👍

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