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  • Soc @Socrates Bexleyheath updated 4 months ago

    Dormant accounts?

    I had a quick count, there are about two-and-a-half thousand SL members when you do a quick count down the group list. But it seems to me that only well under 100 of us participate. So who are the rest and what are they doing on here?
    "Idea" for my badge 🙂.... Any account that hasn't been used for a given period, say one year will be notified by email and then deleted.
    • @Mr... I can’t see the company wanting to do that, high membership numbers attract advertisers..

    • @Ro... That's cynical. So you think it's always about the money with these big corporate capitalist..

    • @Mr... I wouldn’t have put it quite that way but this forum is provided free to us, something ..

    • @Ro... No, and I don't look at the adverts either.

    • @Mr... hopefully customers do or it will all be gone!

    • So it's OK to hoodwink a small business trying to make a living by advertising, giving them distorte..

    • My point was @Ro... before you sidetracked it, was it would be interesting to see how many members ..

    • @Mr... just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean a certain amount of those accounts aren’t a..

    • @Ro... I've heard this before saying that some members only read but you would have thought that th..

    • I don’t see it making any difference how many people have accounts so I see no reason to delete them..

    • Firstly only SL know how many members there are by totting up the registrations. - you cannot tell b..

    • @Mr... Over the years I've had a few companies such as banks, building societies, email accoun..

    • I'm not an expert in this field but I heard that storing data and information etc takes up a lot of ..

    • @Un... funny you should say that I got an email from PayPal saying the same thing.

    • Compared with the cost of storing the huge amount of data that a Forum must inherit, piffling around..

    • Every little helps they say. a little bit from everywhere becomes very big in no time.

    • @Mr... It sure do

    • @Mr... It def. does! There was a whle TV programme about it last year "Are our online habits k..

    • @Kr... Totally. Yes it was called "Are our online habits killing the planet" And it mention..

    • Interesting topic. In general I agree, I don't like clutter myself, but @Ry... is mostly right here...

    • @To... but do I still get my badge. 😄

    • @Mr... as much as I would love to;) I think badges should be for ideas that are brand new to u..

    • @To... aww poor Sok 😢 and he was only trying to help 😂

    • @To... I'm heartbroken. life is not worth living.

    • Thanks sergeant I know I am. 😁

    • @Mr... You're heartbroken. Ha! How do you think I feel? I've only got one. I've had to employ ..

    • It all calls for a new group: "Scooploop Badge Support" where we can share our experience.. "It all ..

    • @To... but bugs can be bad things too, like a virus, that we want to avoid, run away from or destroy..

    • Apart from the reasons above.

      If SL are serious about dealing with the aliasis issue which they say ..

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