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  • Day trip by 1950s train to Salisbury

    Me and dad used to go on day trips with Hastings Diesels about 3 times a year, until it became too much for him The one to Salisbury is going next Saturday. I've stayed on the mailing list and believe there are still spaces.


    In Standard class its bring your own food or go to the buffet car. In Club you get free hot drinks all day, toast and marmalade for breakfast, a sandwich and slice of homemade cake at lunchtime, and an evening meal with wine on the way home.
    • Sounds lovely Mike. I went with friebds recetly to the seaside area of Hastings. Hadn't been there s..

    • I'm going to a birthday party there next Saturday will look out for the huts.

    • Its really lovely there AnnaX. Only a small resort but the fishermans huts stand out. They are quite..

    • Hastings is the easiest seaside to get to from here. Direct train, or A21 all the way by car.

      For t..

    • Four of us went by coach. Wasn't a long journey so gave us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. Also w..

    • I went to Harold Hill once, during the 2012 Olympics. My nephew hated the thought of going on the cr..

    • Its funny Michael. The Freedom Pass or the Oyster card for up to 62 now takes you to as far as the s..

    • The freedom pass goes as far as Shenfield. I used to pay extra for one stop past Harold Hill to visi..

    • Thanks for that Jane. My friends and I quite often go to Chelmsford so it comes in handy. Good to kn..

    • I had a day out to The Bank of England Museum on Friday. Entry is free and you need at least an hour..

    • Hi Lesley I live in Little Heath which is near Chadwell Heath.

    • My nephew took me to the original Bsnk of England which is now sadly a JD Weatherspoons pub. Apart f..

    • Hi Jane your only one dtayion away from me at Romford. Fraid I can't drive owing to a sight problem ..

    • Hi Lesley, I'm getting confused. The Bank of England has been situated in Threadneedle Street since ..

    • Was the female boxer Nicola Adams? Think she is from Leeds. Only other one I can think of is Katie T..

    • Michael your right re the bixer. I kniw shexwas from up North.

      Jane all I knew was this had on a br..

    • The Wetherspoons pub in the City is The Cross Keys, its the original headquarters of HSBC bank.


    • Apologies Jane. My nephew poubted out a Bank of Enhland Plaque. It must have been on another buildib..

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