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  • Rosie @Rosie Flamstead End updated 2 years ago

    Cruise to the Far East

    I’m going on a cruise that takes in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Singapore.
    How important are vaccinations if only leaving the ship for day trips? Any advice or suggestions when booking trips welcome.
    • I didn't need them for Thailand or Sri Lanka, you can go onto a government website to find out what ..

    • Yes definitely recommend that you get them Rosie, bugs do not know your just here for a day.

      Better ..

    • I would ask your GPs practice nurse and get all what you need. They last quite a few years so when y..

    • When are you going Rosie? Are you going alone? Family or friends?

    • Not going till January but I have just received a lot of stuff from Fred Olsen, so bewildering to re..

    • I am sure it will be absolutely wonderful Rosie. The trip of a lifetime. And the time will fly by. I..

    • I have been on several cruises with Fred Olsen and enjoyed everyone, you'll have a great time and ex..

    • Perhaps you can help Rosie concerning the visas Ray.

    • Never been to the more exciting places that Rosie is doing, just the Caribbean a few times, Norway a..

    • Just the Caribbean a few times lol.

      I am sure the paperwork will explain everything as the time gets..

    • Ah! Charlotte you should be more adventurous, there's a great big beautiful country on the other sid..

    • I know Ray. I have on occasions ventured to Yorkshire, Cumbria and even Scotland 😀

      And of course Nor..

    • See your GP and get your vaccinations Rosie!


    • Oh dear. Looking at that NHS website has me even more worried ☹️

    • Better safe than sorry Rosie. It's no fun being ill when on holiday so don't risk it!

    • I would definitely have the jabs. I know a couple who caught dengue fever in Bali.

      They are recomme..

    • Don't worry Rosie. Take each step of the arrangements for your holiday a bit at a time and it will b..

    • Passport Health ---- more info


      Do no..

    • Rosie, if animals are your thing the Singapore Zoo and Jurang Bird Park are well worth a visit, and ..

    • My thoughts on zoos are this. Any creature kept in either cages, water parks or enclosures is totall..

    • Two ways of looking at that Sarah, some species would be extinct if it was not for the breeding by m..

    • Yes I agree in part with what you say Ray. The likes of The London Zoo that have dedicated laborator..

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