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    Argos, refund and EU law

    Any ideas please. I bought a fridge from Argos on 9th August 2019, a couple of months before the year was up, the fridge froze a couple of cans of drink in the fridge, the cans were so frozen that the tops were blown. I turned the fridge down and it was okay, but when I went to check the drinks I had in there because a couple were coming to lunch, two bottles of cider and two bottles of water were frozen and there was a huge lump of ice stuck to the wall of the freezer. Obviously I threw the bottles away the same as the previous cans. It is impossible to speak to anyone at Argos so I went on Chat on the 17th September, about six weeks after the warranty had run out.
    Again took forever, I said the fridge is not of merchantable quality and I wanted a refund. I quoted EULaw that said fridges etc were guaranteed for two years. The customer care adviser checked with a manager and she said that I would have to get an engineer in at my expense and get a report from him, then if it was faulty they would refund me. This cannot be right. It is principal with me now. I think I will go on Argos chat again when I have a spare hour or email trading standards. Does anyone have any advice?
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