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    Mr Sok Pupitt @MrSokPupitt Welling updated 2 months ago

    I can't understand this obsession and paranoia that I have noticed on different posts from certain people about aliases.
    As been mentioned, very rarely does somebody use their own name, and rightly so for privacy and security.
    As a newcomer I have been accused of this, without foundation.
    I heard a story about a newcomer who joined a group and was hounded out of that group, was called a d**k head amongst other things from the "stand in" moderator at the time, this is not setting a good example and a complete misuse of their position.
    Apparently the new member left the group and deleted their account with SL.
    I would urge SL to investigate this inappropriate harassment if they want to make this site a welcoming place and to encourage more new members.

    • @Mr... Members are leaving Scooploop as has one of my members and a moderator of another group..

    • I am sure there are also lots of new members too. Unfortunately it seems no one knows who is genuine..

    • @Mr... thank you for feedback, but first thing on the agenda today: we are going to set up a n..

    • @Mr... With respect, I think this is not the right group for gripes and personal complaints. I..

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