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    Albanian people smuggling: Officers arrest seven in raids

    The arrests of seven people may have "significantly disrupted" a network smuggling hundreds of Albanian migrants to the UK, police believe.

    Raids took place in Hartlepool, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London on Tuesday.

    The National Crime Agency (NCA) said the alleged ringleader of the network was among those detained.

    Deputy director Andrea Wilson said people smuggling saw migrants "exploited for profit by criminals who have no regard for human life."

    The penalties were "severe and life changing" and it was "simply not worth the risk", she said.

    Investigators believe the alleged smugglers had contacts in France, Germany the Netherlands and Poland and used lorries and hired vans to move people to the UK from northern France. Some migrants are believed to have paid between £20,000 and £25,000 to try and reach the UK, the NCA said.

    Financial investigators have identified bank accounts alleged to belong to the network, some showing hundreds of thousands of pounds in turnover.

    The NCA said about £30,000 cash was recovered in the operation.

    Branch commander Richard Harrison said the network "claimed to provide a top of the range service and charged accordingly".

    "This activity represented a significant threat to both the safety of the migrants involved and the security of UK border controls," he said.

    • @So... £20,000 - £25,000....That's a serious chunk of change. Makes me wonder where they get that..

    • What's wrong in Albania ?

    • If they can afford that kind of money for a channel crossing, not much wrong by the looks of it.

    • @Un... I mean is it a war zone ? if not what is their motive for wanting to leave and come her..

    • The usual! Plus lucrative earnings off girls forced into prostitution.

    • I can only imagine it's gangsters who are willing to pay that kind of money so that they can expand ..

    • @Bo... No it's not a war zone. A classic example of economic migrants.

    • @Bo... Albania is a relatively small South Eastern European country that has big problems with crimi..

    • Thanks to all for the info.

    • "Not a lot of people know this" but Norman Wisdom was a cult figure in Albania.😁

    • @Sa...08 maybe that's why they all want to come over here to meet him. 😄

    • @Sa...08 He was one here too in the early 60's😃

    • @So... he did tours. Many western films were banned over there but for some reason Norman was see..

    • @So... he died aged 95 in 2010. A flirt with the ladies right till the end.

      Now how nice that we..

    • You know me

      @Sa...08 I'm not a stickler for keeping on topic, I like a nice chat wherever it take..

    • @So... same here, even more so in the flesh!

      But as mentioned before my son in law’s bike was st..

    • @Sa...08 the trend in theft at the moment is bikes, dogs, and catalytic converters off cars. Maybe ..

    • @Sa...08 He had a good voice too.

    • @So... yes very sad. Member on MSL had her "Catholic converter" 😂 stolen, and they cost a lot to ..

    • @Sa...08 My friend had his Catholic 😄 (I like that) in a supermarket car park!

    • @So... To save these poor people having to make the perilous journey across the channel to here, ..

    • @Un... too late.

      Bike stolen in Oxford Circus once, being hack sawed, people walking by, exce..

    • @So... The thieves tend to concentrate taking Catalytic converters off cars and vans they can eas..

    • @Un... that's the problem re the crooked scrap dealers, they should be constantly monitored by..

    • @Se... yes he did.

    • @Sa...08 You're not wrong, Sandie. The 65,000 dollar question is. What do we do about the problem, ..

    • This post appears to have become confused.

      The people paying the large amounts of money have come f..

    • @Un... My thoughts exactly and like Boots asks - what's making them leave Albania.

    • @Sa...08 Mr Grimsdale

    • RUNNING RIOT Brazen Albanian gangsters in notorious Hellbanianz cartel brag about Lawless London dru..

    • bloody hell in Barking, not surprised though, the whole borough has really gone to the dogs.

    • As usual we're easy pickings in this country and when these criminals from abroad come out of prison..

    • The Eastern European drug gangs have now spread right across London, and all the Kent coastal towns...

    • @Un... I had a comment removed after reports because I mentioned a certain type of people and ..

    • PC world we live in now, but it's okay to mention English gangs I suppose.😏

      Even a Jamaican Uber dri..

    • @Te... yes you're correct! Got the first part right, and can hear Norman saying it now.😁

    • @Bo... If someone as nice as you can have a comment removed. Says it all really.😭

    • @Sa...08 Never liked Norman. What with his silly voice and equally silly hat. Always thought he was..

    • @Un... I never liked him either thought he was an idiot just falling about, never liked any so..

    • @Un... My nan took me to church once and I got thrown out for swearing when i tripped over a s..

    • Priti Patel signs deal to remove Albanian criminals and unsuccessful asylum seekers from UK more qui..

    • @Te... result - if they stick to it.

    • @Bo... We should play "Don't Laugh At Me Cos I'm Fool" and a few Des O'connor albums in the middle o..

    • @Bo... We were told off in those days for things they completely ignore now. The standards have drop..

    • @Te... "From the UK more quickly" in political language that simply means within the next 50 yrs. A..

    • They can easily get back into the country anyway under different passports etc. Happened with one ca..

    • Has anyone considered the fact that the majority of Albanian are decent people and not criminals as ..

    • I don't know any working Albanians in my vicinity, but I do know a lot of Polish, Lithuanian. Romani..

    • @Al... I believe Rita Ora is Albanian and Dua Lipa is second generation. Not that I know either of t..

    • @Al... You're right. There are millions of decent Albanians. But the decent ones don't put their you..

    • @Un... exactly

    • @Al... I assume that you also welcome the drug pushers that are targeting our children, using them a..

    • We are suppressed from Even telling the truth. Our freedom of speech is being taken away in our so-c..

    • There was a statement the Romanian government once made about their criminals coming here, but if I ..

    • Soc you should maybe close this thread now as we will just end up in trouble as no free speech allow..

    • @Sa...08 You are right we are Even suppressed from telling the truth and reduced to walking on eggs..

    • @Sa...08 i was going to mention them but thought, what's the point the comment will probably be rem..

    • Ok Soc, maybe close now?

    • Makes me sick - all western countries should make paramount efforts to protect their borders from il..

    • @Ro... What a silly reply. You know full well we have a chronic labour shortage in certain trades and..

    • Why are there shortages in labour? Because there are too many people stretching the services. So we ..

    • All governments in the past have failed to get youngsters into apprenticeships, working in more fact..

    • @Sa...08

      If our border policy makers and police did their job properly, entry would be extremely h..

    • From Migration Watch:

      One of the biggest drivers of the current crisis on the Channel is ‘asylum sh..

    • Just need the army and police all along the coastline and for authorities to track down these money ..

    • @Ry... where they may be murdered by cruel dictatorships 🥲

    • @Ch...

      Yes, its tough but we don't want them here, we cannot police the world.

      The UK is not a..

    • @Ry... what’s it got to with policing? Sorry don’t understand and as for ‘we don’t want them here’ y..

    • @Ch...

      By policing I meant immigration police - I am sure I don't speak for you but am sure I ..

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 months ago
    • Absolutely outrageous.

      And when any suggestion of something being done about it, it's shot down.

    • Priti Patel and the Government are getting abuse for at least trying to do something about it.

    • @Ry... I don’t feel that way at all and sincerely hope that the majority of people have more compass..

    • @Ry... yes of course.

    • @Te... maybe close this up now. All been said?

    • @Ch... So when would you say enough is enough we can't take anymore people we are full up? Cons..

    • @So... And that's just the ones we know about. We can at least double that figure. The simple tru..

    • @Ch... I think of myself as very caring too but how many of those kind of jobs are going to be ..

    • @Un... Very true!

    • @Sa...08 It's not my post.

    • @Te... sorry I saw the Priti article above and thought it was yours.

      Still find this new SL format..

    • @Al... onTV last night they said the chronic shortages were due to the EU and brexit. Paperwork and ..

    • @Ch... My son owns a plumbing/building/ company and is having massive problems recruiting staff..

    • This was Labour's open door policy to bring in cheap labour rather than concentrating on our own you..

    • Instead of a nanny state, all those millions languishing on the dole should be sent to work on the f..

    • Estimates show about 30,000 HGV driving tests were lost last year because of the Covid pandemic.

    • @Al... I have been quite impressed lately how your writing and style has changed considerably. Have ..

    • Well according to my son who is connected to a plumbing company and knows many, they are as busy as ..

    • Having taken part in quite a few of these immigration type threads, I just don't get how the penny h..

    • @Al... Not so, the silly thing here is that you have been reading the Guardian again and either misu..

    • @Ro... actually it was on itv last night and they did say that people were now tending to work in Ger..

    • I've seen TV programme coming up soon where there is a shortage of water in Malta, where my ex is or..

    • @Sa...08

      “The tap water in Malta is desalinated sea water. Malta is a small country with no rivers..

    • @Ro... Not at all, although the Guardian is my paper of choice. Maybe you could explain why showing t..

    • @Ch... yes well on Tues, "On Assignment" ITV, is saying the country is becoming too dry. Last t..

    • @Sa...08 it is a desert so it’s always been dry and global warming is putting it back to that. They..

    • @Ch... yes I know that and the whole history of the island.

      Anyway will be interesting to see ..

    • @Un... The UK currently produces less than 60% of the food it consumes.

    • @Te... how sad is that.

    • @Al... you prove my point regarding misinterpretation, this influx , while it may be good for them i..

    • @Te... Thanks, Terry. 60% is much less than I thought. Worrying!

    • @Ch... Yes but a little different that the sweeping statement that is only partly true, but the..

    • @Sa...08 There are lots of fatties who could eat less, but the net 6.5m (legal) immigrants over the..

    • @Ro... Are you joking?. We are desperately short of NHS staff, lorry drivers, builders, fruit pickers..

    • @Al... And that is about all you mentality allows.

      Yes let us let them in, give them an HGV Licens..

    • @Ro... my niece is a lorry driver and as you know full well all HGV drivers have to pass tests. This ..

    • @Ch... wow, I always admire women who can drive enormous vehicles, well men too for that matter..

    • It has just been announced on the news all these labour shortages have nothing to do with brexit, bu..

    • Al what are you doing to help the country you don't love. Oh yeah just continuously criticize it.

    • @Ch... I am fully aware of the points that you make, please try to read the comment in context ..

    • @Ro... no need to be rude

    • @Ch... I am not being rude I am merely asking you politely to read the comment in context, and ..

    • @Ro... your stock answer!

    • @Ch... Come on, you can do better than that, read the whole conversation again and I feel sure ..

    • @Ro... forget it. There’s only one opinion allowed on this thread and if anyone doesn’t agree with it..

    • @Ro... Understood the lorry drivers ref. 😄😄

    • @Bo... Thank you I'm glad somebody did, well done.

      Happily I can't be responsible for those can't.

    • Now here is a sad story. Afghanistan interpreters are finally being allowed to live here which I thi..

    • We have a sad history of deserting people that have helped us fighting wars. During WW2 many Burmese..

    • @Sa...08 if I remember correctly the reason we gave for going to Afghanistan was to stop the fight ..

    • You mean like the Gurkhas?...........“Little kathmandu” is how some locals refer to Aldershot, south..

    • @So... - main reason for that is the Gurkha barracks was located there, near Fleet, I think (wher..

    • We must all remember Joanna Lumley’s campaign


    • I have been to the Gurka Barracks and remember they played a game called murder ball which is not fo..

    • It's shocking that this was even needed. These people were willing to put their lives on the line fo..

    • @Al... I have just read your son’s article. What fantastic bravery by both of those gentlemen.

    • Sorry guys I have been informed by Clive that this post needs to close due to it "being hard to foll..

    • So why and how can I still add to it! Isn’t someone supposed to press a button somewhere 😂

    • @So... Not exactly what I said...... a new subject, could have been any of the subjects raised wi..

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