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  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford updated 2 years ago

    11 cats found in 4 sealed boxes in Stratford.

    How could this monster do this. The person obviously intended the cats to die. I watched the video on Metro, of workers from The Celia Hammond Trust rescuing the cats. First, on the site where they were found, they had to make air holes in the boxes to enable the cats to breathe. Then back at their centre the workers unsealed the boxes with butter knives so as not to injure them. The boxes were completely sealed with brown tape. The boxes were found by a passer by in an alley in Stratford London. There were 10 ginger and 1 black and white. All were underweight and covered in fleas. The Celia Hammond Trust believe that their may be more cats at the owners property and have asked the owner to call the trust on 020 7474 8811.
    • That's absolutely dreadful. How could anyone do that to defenceless animals?

    • Saw this on the lunch time news. People are so cruel.

    • It's disgusting that someone could do this especially as there are so many rescues who would have ta..

    • It was amazing to watch the video of the cats being revealed as each box was opened. The boxes were ..

    • Those gingers were SO pretty I doubt if they'll be homeless for long.

    • The person who did this is scum, as already said there is simply no need for it, just ring cat rescu..

    • in my eyes Celia Hammond is marvellous and should be made a Dame

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