Scoopedia Rule Book

What is Scoopedia?

Scoopedia is a collection of user-defined terms with their definitions.

What is the purpose of this page?

The purpose of this page is for users to have some fun by writing the smartest or funniest definition of words that they can think of.

How many questions can I post?

Anyone can post as many questions as the like.

How many answers to questions can I post?

You can only post one answer (explantion) per question (definition).

Best Definers

Best definers are users who received the most up votes for their answers.

How many characters can the question have and how many characters can the answer have?

The question can be max. 300 characters long and the answer can be max 1000 characters long.

Is anything prohibited when answering Scoopedia questions?

- You may not name other users.
- You may not use offensive language.

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