Leicesters Locksmiths

Locked in or locked out that is the ultimate question isn't it?! You're either in or you're out and that's what locks represent.

Leicesters Locksmiths are all about the lock if you hadn't already guessed. Not only are we trained in everything to do with the locksmith trade but there are several team members that are very handy with the art and magic of the lock. Our employee Delilah is also an expert in escapology in the world of magic. She has the fastest record in Leicester getting out of a straitjacket. So you could say she is the true oracle of locks. Leicesters Locksmiths is a company that includes a fun and dynamic bunch of people. We bring the magic to everyday locks, not just during escapology events. We see the true potential of good locks in the way that they make you feel secure and protect your property. We take it very seriously both our locksmith trade and the art of magic but Delilah will never reveal her true trade secret. Delilah is not only a magician in the world of Magic but also a magician when it comes to getting you back in your property if you lock yourself out. She may even share with you a few tricks if you are into magic. She is well known all over Leicester and the East Midland area and she is a valuable member of Leicesters Locksmiths. The locksmith trade doesn't need to be boring and we love the link it has with magic especially when it comes to our interaction with children when we are called out for a locksmith job in a family home. So why not call Leicesters locksmiths today for quality service and entertaining customer service. We will not let you down them both the locksmith trade and the joy of magic.

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299 East Park Road, Leicester , Leicestershire, LE5 5HL

0116 367 7003

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